Ordering from outside the Netherlands

All orders must be prepaid. Methods of payment are

  1. Banktransfer
  2. MSP (multi Safe Pay) On-line payments

Ordering from our website:

You will find that ordering from our webside is easy and very simple. If you want a certain item just click the “BUY” buuton. You can always undo this in a later stage, if you change your mind. The chosen item goes into your shopping cart and can be viewed by clicking on the View Cart button. Also you will see that in the right upper corner is a handy small Shopping Cart list, witch enlist all you chosen items and your total price for the products you have purchased while shopping.

Once you select the Shopping Cart button, you can alter the quantity or cancel of your products. The total cost, excluding postage, for these items will be shown at the bottom of the totel column. There is also a link to a currency converter so our overseas customers can get an idea as to whta the order will cost them.

Items in your shopping cart will be saved for 30 days so you can keep returning to add more quantities. When you finished shopping and want to place the order go to the Check Out and either register or login if you already have a account. The Place Order button is at the bottom of this page.

You will need to register first as a new customer so that the next time all your details will be remembered.

Simply follow the instructions and click the boxes or type in where appropriate until your order is complete. Final you have to click Confirm Order. That is it! You will recieve an e-mail with your purchaised items and the total sum of the order, included Postage. Payment is prefered with banktransfer, we will provide this information in the same e-mail.

If you want to add something witch you have forgotten, send as soon as possible an e-mail by the Contact button. We will do our best to add this to your shipment.

Postage Free

You will notice that if your Shopping Cart had reached a preset total sum, depending in wich country you live, you will get get a free postage. The cart will calculate this after you have used the login.